Welcome to Ottawa Custom Orthotics

Welcome to Ottawa Custom Orthotics and our new website. We have been helping patients alleviate foot, knee and lower back pain related to foot conditions and disorders for over a decade as Hunt Club Foot Care, operated by Leon Kozliner C Ped (C). We look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional, personalized pedorthic care.

Ottawa Custom Orthotics specializes in custom-made orthotics and orthotic friendly shoes. Leon Kozliner, will provide you with personal and complete pedorthic care to help alleviate foot pain and discomfort in your legs and other parts of your body with custom-made orthotics in Ottawa. All orthotics are hand crafted with care on premises.

Every foot is unique and Leon’s goal as a C Ped (C) is to improve your quality of life by reducing your foot pain and by increasing your comfort, mobility, and function. That’s why Leon’s hand-crafted, custom-made orthotics, footwear (orthotic shoe) recommendations and expert pedorthic advice on foot conditions, have helped so many people who had lost hope for pain relief.

Leon’s personal touch, skills as a craftsman and attention to detail have lead him to specialize in hand-crafted orthotics in Ottawa, and care for people with complex foot problems, including those difficult to resolve by computerized systems.

People come to see Leon because he solves their problem.