Orthotic Friendly Shoes

Did you know that 20% to 30% of the population wears the wrong type of shoes for their feet [1]?

Proper footwear can improve your balance, improve your body’s alignment and prevent injuries.

Shoes are like the foundation for a house. Proper footwear is just as important as proper orthotics in the management of many foot conditions.

At Ottawa Custom Orthotics, Leon, as a Certified Pedorthist of Canada can help choose the correct shoes for you.

“…the best orthotics and shoes I ever had. I had pain in my feet for more then 20 years. I have seen different foot specialists and had one pair of orthotics made per year (sometimes two pairs per year) and tried different treatments. With the orthotics and shoes from Leon, I have the most comfort and pain relief I ever had.”

Ottawa Custom Orthotics collaborates with many shoe suppliers and orthopedic suppliers to select the ideal orthotic and footwear combination for you.  Here are some of our many shoe manufacturers.

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[1] Put Your Best Foot Forward, Pedorthic Association of Canada