Why Choose Ottawa Custom Orthotics for Your Patients?

Patients typically referred to my clinic have been suffering with foot, ankle and/or lower back pain for a long time. Standing, walking or running typically aggravates their pain.

In my practice, I specialize in helping patients who have tried many things to alleviate their pain, but have not yet experienced relief. By conducting a thorough assessment and with careful attention to detail and mechanical issues, my objective is to resolve pain.

What makes my orthotics different? I am one of the few orthotic providers in Ottawa who manufactures orthotics on premises and am personally involved in every aspect and detail of producing the device. I invest the time and effort  to figure out what can be done for my patients.

Over the years I have also developed techniques that help me achieve good hyperpronation and hypersupination control with minimal compromise in comfort.  This is an issue that impacts almost every orthotic device and therefore almost every patient.

In addition to my technical expertise in producing orthotics, I personally attend to my patients’ footwear needs. I feel it is critically important that orthotics be used with proper footwear. I also have extensive experience with shoe modifications and take care of this on site as well.  The end result is a comprehensive pedorthic solution for my patients.

Improving the quality of life for people suffering with foot conditions is my pleasure and my passion. I hope you will consider my practice as an extension of your community. I am happy to accept your referrals.


Leon Kozliner C Ped (C)