Custom Orthotics

An orthotic is an insert that fits in the shoe. Custom-made orthotics and proper footwear can help alleviate foot, leg, hip and back pain.

Orthotics can help ease the pain caused by biomechanical problems; by health conditions such as arthritis or diabetes; or by foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis (inflammation/pain in the heel), or metatarsalgia (pain at the ball of the foot) and other conditions and disorders.

A custom-made foot orthotic can:

  • Prevent, correct or accommodate foot deformities (e.g. hammer toes, bone spurs, high arches)
  • Support and stabilize the heel
  • Redistribute pressure in the foot
  • Re-align joints in the foot and alleviate stress on the joints
  • Limit excessive motion which can aggravate inflamed joints
  • Provide full contact cushioning to accommodate painful areas of the foot (e.g. inflamed joints caused by arthritis; foot ulcers caused by diabetes)
  • Improve foot function and mobility
  • Prevent further foot injury.

Leon has unique methods of manufacturing his custom-made orthotics to support and accommodate every foot’s special requirements. Here are some examples of his approach:

  • For high arch feet, (pes cavus) there is always an imbalance at the forefoot. By pre-balancing the forefoot, Leon achieves excellent results in relieving discomfort.
  • For pronated feet such flat feet (pes planus) and severely flat feet (pes planovalgus), Leon’s custom-made orthotics provide maximum possible foot support to control pronation (rolling of the foot toward the inside). This results in maximum pain relief for his patients.
  • To accommodate lesions, such as diabetic foot ulcers, forefoot sores on arthritic feet, callouses, warts and hammer and claw toe, Leon takes the time to adjust the materials and reduce pressure under the lesion with many  different techniques.

These are just a few examples of the pain relief patients can experience from the pedorthic services at Ottawa Custom Orthotics. Come in and see if Leon can help you too. Please also read about how Leon can help you choose proper orthotic shoes.

“Leon, thank you for making my orthotics. Just when I lost hope for pain relief, they changed the quality of my life.”

Ottawa Custom Orthotics collaborates with many orthopedic suppliers and shoe manufacturers  to select the ideal orthotic and footwear combination for you.  Here are some of our orthopedic material suppliers.

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